About Us

Savor & Salt is a Chicago-based beverage company founded in 2016. With our roots deep within the food and beverage industry, we have a vast appreciation for brunch, and in particular, the Bloody Mary.

Through the years, we feel that food has evolved, but this classic cocktail has not. Our goal is to elevate this timeless libation. We love mashups and try to incorporate iconic food dish's into our products. The Classic Mix is our spin on a traditional Bloody Mary, influenced by the Chicago Hotdog. Our inspiration in creating the Mexican Bloody Mary Mix are the classic flavors and spices in tacos! Both of our dynamic mixes are bold in flavor, creating new and exciting beverage experiences.

We got bored seeing the same old trick Bloody Mary hacks: Kosher salt or celery salt. We want exciting and innovative! We want salts and spices that add flavor and are paramount for making a great Bloody Mary! We deliver on our objective to enhance the ever-important flavor of rimming salts. We have created five astounding spice blends to take your beverage to a new level. Each custom salt is vastly different, offering unique, exhilarating flavors for your Bloody Mary.

At Savor & Salt, we strive to give you the best cocktail experience, using the highest quality ingredients. All of our products are carefully curated with an attention to food allergies. You can enjoy our line of products knowing they are all gluten free, vegan, and all natural. Cheers to drinking healthy!

Let us elevate your drinking experience and boost your Bloody Mary with Savor & Salt.

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